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I believe that there is more right with each person than it is wrong with them - that each person is greater than their problems. I hold the strong conviction that the power to heal resides within each of us and that therapy has the ability to discover and liberate these healing forces that empower transformation and change.  It is also my belief that the liberation of these healing forces is the hallmark of good therapy and I am committed to facilitating this potential in each person to the greatest extent possible. Top of Page


I believe that for therapy to be successful it must rest on the foundation of a caring, respectful partnership that recognizes the importance of each person’s full humanity – body and mind, spiritual nature, strengths, limitations, potentialities, and pain. In the safety of our partnership, I am committed to holding each of these with care, as well as to challenge you to reach for the mountain top of your greatest potential and most deeply held dreams and aspirations. Top of Page

Pain and Suffering

I believe that many of us have been impacted by events in our lives that have caused pain that perpetuates conflicts, suffering, and self-sabotaging patterns. The therapy partnership offers a unique opportunity for therapist and patient to join forces to face the painful and frightening feelings that are mobilized in therapy, as well as other current and past relationships. This mindful, difficult and exhilarating practice forms the cornerstone of personal and relational freedom, clarity, and the power to overcome obstacles to your growth, healing, and transformation. Top of Page


In the therapeutic partnership, I am committed to bringing a deeply held respect for your full humanity.  In addition, I am committed to bringing my energy, expertise, skill, dedication to learning, and commitment to your growth and healing.    Your job is to bring your desire for freedom from the suffering and destructive forces in your life.  It is also your job to bring your desire to transform these forces of misery into the energy that fuels your full empowerment, liberating your capacity to love and be loved and to live in accordance with your most deeply held beliefs and values. Top of Page


My overall approach is integrative. I am committed to being an intelligent, thoughtful consumer of the most relevant and empirically supported research in psychotherapy. I draw on this perspective and diverse background to provide a treatment plan that is uniquely suited for the individual needs of each patient. Top of Page

Learning to Fish

It is one of my deepest held commitments that a therapy approach that teaches you “how to fish” has far more value than a therapy that simply “gives you a fish”. You are the greatest expert on you.  Deep knowledge about yourself and how to access and engage your inner resources for healing fuels the core of personal strength. While initially, this might seem more difficult, in the long term it leads to empowerment, clarity, and the capacity to be your best self in life and your most important relationships. Top of Page

Stability and Strength: What we feel we can heal

I am committed to being a stable and strong ally on your journey into the most feared depths of your unconscious. Side by side, no matter how painful, disturbing, frightening or ugly your hidden feelings and memories might be, I am committed to helping you learn to face and master them. I believe that by this process you will become empowered to free yourself from the eternal, merciless hold they put on your heart and life. Top of Page


Your life is precious. Your time is precious. Your relationships are precious. Together, my deeply held beliefs presented on this page have led me to specialize in therapeutic models that offer powerful, deep, and rapid change, including a form of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (STDP) called Davanloo's Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (IS-TDP).  IS-TDP is consistent with the latest findings from attachment studies, neuroscience, mindfulness approaches, neurobiological studies, cognitive/behavioral research, relational/interpersonal research, and psychodynamic theory.  The comprehensive nature of ISTDP makes it a truly integrative approach. See About IS-TDP and IS-TDPFAQ for more information about this form of therapy. Top of Page

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